In the face of an infinite sea of choices, it’s natural to put blinders on, to ask for a map, to beg for instructions, or failing that, to do exactly what you did last time, even if it didn’t work.

You’ve almost certainly been brainwashed to believe that you aren’t a genius, that you’re working at the appropriate level, earning what you’re supposed to earn, and doing what you’re supposed to do. And some of that brainwashing has been consensual, because your resistance sort of likes low expectations.

Your work is to create art that changes things, to expose your insight and humanity in such a way that you are truly indispensable.

Anxiety, on the other hand, is dangerous paralysis. Anxiety is the exaggeration of the worst possible what-if, accompanied by self-talk that leads to the relentless minimization of the actual odds of success.

-Seth Godin in Linchpin


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