Doing your Best

Always do your best. What you plant now you will harvest later.
-Og Mandino






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Definiteness of Purpose

The starting point of all achievement is definiteness of purpose with PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). Remember, your world will change whether or not you choose to change it. But you have the power to choose its direction. You can select your own targets.
-W. Clement Stone from Success through a Positive Mental Attitude

Resist the temptation

Resist the temptation to travel over the older and easier path that you have been using in the past. Every time you resist the temptation the stronger do you become and easier will it be for you to do so the next time. But every time you yield to the temptation the easier does it become to yield again and the more difficult does it become to resist the next time. You will have a fight at the start and this is the critical time. Prove your determination, persistency and willpower now, right here at the start.
-Napoleon Hill from Think and Grow Rich

Gambling mentality and riches

Gambling - 104/365

Gambling – 104/365 (Photo credit: morberg)

Gambling mentality is based on a wishful thinking to obtain riches without paying its due.

Get-rich-quick scheme is the most deceiving idea to riches. To get rich, you must pay the price through hard work. There is no way around it.


Success is achieved by those who try and maintained by those who keep trying.
-W. Clement Stone

When I first heard of the quote, I got goosebumps on my arms. It is very true. It need not be a secret. There is no lottery ticket to success.